Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What do you mean, SUSTAIN?!?!

1) "I SUSTAIN the leaders of the church. I raise my right hand to show that I will sustain them. In so doing, I'm showing my willingness to support THEM in their callings. I don't necessarily intend that I will believe anything that comes from their mouths. I believe they are called of God, yet I recognize that they are mortals, subject to all those things to which I am also subject--both strengths an weaknesses."
2) "F*ck this guy! He isn't my president! I didn't vote for him!"
The Oxford dictionary defines "sustain" to mean: Strengthen or support physically or mentally. It also describes it to mean: Uphold, affirm, or confirm the justice or validity of. We do these things "from below," meaning, we submit--or subject ourselves--in some way to those things/persons we sustain.
The 12th Article of Faith says: "We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law."
As a collective church, we believe the 13 Articles of Faith to have been divinely inspired.
Now, where is the distinction in sustenance, of the following?
1) I sustain Pres. Monson, as president of the church, and as a prophet when he speaks as such. This doesn't mean, necessarily, that I will automatically agree with everything he says/does. And sometimes, I don't agree with him. I will pray on all of it first, and then draw my conclusions, as to its origins, whether divine, or mortal.
2) F*ck President _________ and his stupid health care law! I aint having it. Impeach him! Screw the fed. government! Let's sue them and take our land back! Screw the BLM! I'll graze my cows wherever I want to! F*ck the EPA! Let's get in our trucks and "roll coal!"
Assuming these 2 statements were said by 2 different people, why is one considered more pious or faithful than the other?

For a great article on why Mormons are more hostile toward the current U.S. president, than are their Christian counterparts, go to this link:

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